Monday, July 31, 2006

Cheaper Train Tickets

It’s well known that train fares are over priced.
However you can reduce prices by buying 2 more tickets.
If poosible split up your journey into a series of cheap day returns.

For example the normal return fare to London from Swindon is £37!
With 2 tickets, cost is £23.50

I bought a cheap day return Swindon to Didcot £6.90
Then a cheap day return Didcot to London £16.60

You can purchase your tickets online at

Also look out for bargain single tickets eg Swindon to Didcot £2.50

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

BBC Radio Swindon Travel Money

Going on holiday can be expensive, however here are some tips to make your money go furrther abroad.

Cash vs Credit cards vs Traveller’s Cheques

Traveller’s cheques are safe & secure but the exchange rateis poor compared to the other two


In the UK, most places now offer to buy back your unused notes.

Two places which offer competive rates are the Post office and Marks & Spencer. You can order currency at sub Post offices & the money will be there the next day

Credit Cards

In theory credit cards, should offer the best deal however only really with a couple of cards

The best card to use is probably Nationwide’s. There is no charge for using it abroad. Most cards will charge you 2.75% of the amount .

Saga for the over 50s offers a % charge in Europe but 1% outside Europe

If you withdraw it cash using a credit card, standard charges are 2% with a minimum of £2.

Note: if you have a Nationwide Flexaccount Debit card, there are no charges for purchases or for making cash withdrawls.

BBC Radio Swindon II: Travel Insurance

Why do I need it?

What hapens if you lose your baggage or need medical treatment....

Golden Rule
don’t get it from your travel operator!

Usually 2 choices single trip insurance or annual insurance
Annual starts to become the best buy when you make more than 2 trips a year.

Costs can vary according also to where you are going eg more in the USA because of expensive medical bills.

Who offer the best deals?

Go to a broker/price comparison site eg

European health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Replaces E111, get free or discounted medical treatment in any EU country + Switzerland
Get from Post Offices, Tel: 0845 606 2030 or Department of Health Website