Friday, March 23, 2007

Buy to Let: a Goldmine?

For many years private investors have had Buy to Let Properties in their portfolios. However there are some drawbacks. You are liable to income tax on the income & capital gains tax on the profits.

Factor in maintenance & insuring the property and the returns decrease further.

Rising interest rates have eroded profits too, plus the fact you can only get an interest only mortgage because of rental incomes is a further hindrance.

If you're looking for a property based investment, try a Commercial Property be continued

Monday, March 19, 2007

Best fund for your ISAs?: Part II Cautious Managed

In the 1990s, the bog standard fund for Investments was the With Profits fund. However they have died a death a combination of poor performance & mysterious charhes called Market value reductions.

What has replaced With profits?

One of the options is the Cautious Managed Fund.
It invests in Gilts (loans to the government), corporate bonds (loans to companies) and shares.
The fund manager has the ability to switch between these types of assets as market conditions change.

Who has the best funds?

You know the answer...take proper advice.