Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Diary of Swindon Financial Adviser

What does a financial adviser do during the course of a day?

Presentations & meetings with product providers and other financial advisers in Wootton Bassett (near Swindon).
Some are interesting, others...less so (meetings & financial advisers)


Chase up tardy mortgage lenders & insurance companies. The culprits? Royal Bank of Scotland & Norwich Union.
Sort out details of client's pension & annuity
Reply to client emails.
Speak to the lovely L2, mortgage guru in Leicester.

7pm meet a client to discuss pensions in North Swindon

8pm plus: possibly catch a bit of Chelsea vs Man Utd

Thursday, May 03, 2007

HSBC the World's Bank? Not in Swindon

HSBC made a profit of £11 000 000 000 (11 billion) last year.
Does this mean HSBC aren't offering customers competitive rates?
I can't comment.

Ex HSBC customers are probably the biggest source of my remortgages.
The World's Bank? Not in Swindon.

Abbey, HSBC: No arrangement fees....Misleading & Nothing New

Both Abbey & HSBC are advertising mortgages with no arrangement fee. All lenders offer such a deal, it's called the Standard Variable Rate.

When remortgaging, it's normal to look for a deal with no arrangement, legal or valuation fees. In fact I've just done one for a client today.

Interested? Give me call on Tel :01793 524806.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why become a Financial Swindon?

Financial Adviser? (IFA)

I had a long term interest in saving & earning money for myself and friends.
Correct use of financial products means you can increase your standard of living without changing jobs. It's something I've always enjoyed and it's great job. Whether it's finding propel a cheaper mortgage than their bank or finding good investments for clients, it gives you a good feeling. Being a financial adviser gives me the opportunity to do this.

Why Swindon?

I live here, it has it's plusses & minuses. I am fortunate to know a few good people

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What is a Sub Prime Mortgage? Exist in Swindon?

During the stock market correction in February, there was much talk of sub prime mortgages in the US.

It raises the question...what is a sub prime mortgage?
Do they exist in places like Swindon?...Yes

It is a mortgage for somebody who can't get a mortgage in the normal ways
The person could

1 be self employed & doesn't have a long term track record
2 have had some debt problems (IVAs, bankruptcies).

The rates & arrangement fees are higher as the lender is taking a bigger risk and more people default (don't pay the money back).