Monday, September 25, 2006

Free DVD Rental

Want to rent some DVDs for free? Most of the big DVD rental companies operating by post are operating free trials.

You can get up to a month free….but remember to cancel before the end of the period…otherwise you’ll start paying.

There is a list at

Note that many of the sites are powered by Screen Select or Love Film….you’ll only get one free rental period if you sign up to any companies.

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Matthew of Sunny Swindon said...

I used the free membership of Tesco DVD rental club.

It was superb value, and films always arrived on time and in good order. Of course I simply took this for granted until Tesco sold out to the LoveFilm group.

For every three DVDs that arrived when LoveFilm took over, one was cracked... and although LoveFilm were good to their word in sending through two DVDs next time round as an apology, there was something else which pushed me over the edge to cancel my subscription.

Be warned that if you select films from LoveFilm as part of a box set, there is no guarentee that the DVDs will arrive in sequential order!

There is nothing worse than receiving a DVD collection which messes up the story line becasue the DVDs do not arrive in order.