Friday, December 30, 2005

Haggling Part 2: How To

There are several ways you can get money off the full price.

1 “Would you throw in the ……. for free?”. Especially for electrical products, ask for the batteries, cables etc to be added in without paying the extra.

2 Look for flaws, scratches or dents on electrical appliances or marks on clothing. Say “you’re unlikely to sell the item with that dent/flaw/scratch/mark at the full price”.

3 Use internet prices to negotiate. Take in a print out. Ask them to the match price. Cut out/fold over mentions of delivery charges….

4 Cash Price. If the store is offering 0% interest deals, ask for the cash price: usually it’s 5% cheaper

5 Buy out of season. Winter clothing in summer, summer clothing in winter

6 Don’t be afraid to walk away. If they want the sale they’ll negotiate

7 Pausing helps. Gives the salesperson time to consider & offer you a better deal.

Finally The worst thing that will happen is that they say no!

Based on article in Martin Lewis's book "The Money Diet"

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titanium said...

Don't go overboard with #2 though- if you slam the product too much (especially if it's handmade) then the assitant will say "well why do you want it then?"

tip number 8: Try getting a group discount- buy multiple things and see if they will drop the total price. This works best when you are dropping to a round number (and they don't have to give change)

tip number 9: when you say your price, make it lower than you expect to pay. Ex: "how much?" "220$" "I'll give you 190." "too low- 210" "200" "ok"

Good article(s) I liked the when article too.

Sean Wilson said...

Thanks for your ideas Titanium. You've obviously done it before


Jonathan Fung said...

Nice tips, especially #1 and #2.