Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mobile Calls: 3p per min (update)

Update 31/01/06

It is possible once again to get mobile calls fro 1p a minute.

Update 19/01/2006

Cleverates have increased their prices to 3p & the dial up number changed to: 0844 896 2525.

Clever Rates Not So Clever

Call mobiles for 1p per minute. How?

The special offer is from
Dial 0844 721 2525 from your landline. Then dial the mobile number.
Note the number you are dialling must in international number format.

Eg the number is 07712 345678 (international number is 00 44 7712 345678)
You dial 0844 721 2525 00 44 7712 345678

Normal BT charges are 12-21p/min weekdays.

Note it is a promotional offer, so keep a look out for price rises in the future. Thanks to Martin Lewis for the tip.

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