Saturday, December 31, 2005

Sitemap: Story So Far

During the last few weeks we’ve looked at a number of different areas.


Banking: Top Value Current Account, Banks are Coy About Part 1
Consumer:How to Slash your Fuel Bills

Credit Cards & Loans:
Lower your Credit Card Bill, 5.6% Personal Loan, Money Watch: Personal Loans, 0% Balance Transfers...Be Careful, Credit Cards, Unhappy Marriage
How to Haggle (Part 1 & Part 2)
Financial Advice:
1st question to Ask an Adviser, Banks don't Tell You Part 1
, Health Warning: Advice Free Products
What is Home Insurance?, Reduce Home Insurance Premiums I, Virgin's Insurance Gimmick What is Critical Illness Insurance?, The Cost of Smoking
Civil Partnerships
Lottery/Premium Bonds:
Premium Bonds
Love & Money: Couples, Most Difficult Thing to Discuss, Cost of a Wedding & Insurance, Credit Cards, Unhappy Marriage, Marital Bliss & Inheritance Tax, Wedding Gifts from the Taxman
Misc: 3 things Men don't like Admitting, 10 Ways to Ger Richer in 2006, The Cost of Smoking, PFBlogs, Identity Fraud: Misplaced Hysteria, What's in your wallet?, Has Martin Lewis Jumped the Shark?
Mortgages: Save £2 500 pa, Free Mortage/Remortgage for Readers
State pensions, Final Salary,
Phone Bills:
Mobile Calls 1p per min, Call Mobiles for 3p/min, Cleverates not so Clever, Free Landline Calls, Free Calls: VoIP, Cheaper International Calls
Savings & Investments:
ISAs Part 1, ISAs 2: Mini & Maxi
Tax: 7 Ways to Beat the Taxman, What is Inheritance Tax?

Site Reviews:
Lifehacker, Simply Thrifty, Digg

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