Thursday, January 26, 2006

Reduce Home Insurance Premiums I

When you take out a mortgage, the bank/building society normally tries to sell you their Buildings Insurance. (which is compulsory).They will also mention Contents Insurance.

A typical quote will include £35 000 of contents & £7 000 of valuables (basically jewellery).
For most people this is over insurance. Often you are not given the chance to lower the amount insured. This is also true if you try to buy home insurance online. (Alternatively this could be under insurance if you have a lot of valuables....)

Remember, you can get Buildings & Contents Insurance from an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser).
1 They can tweak the value insured…..
2 Also worth considering when you renew your insurance

To be Continued

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Rob Lewis said...

Yep, whenever possible shop around for your insurance - lenders will generally cost a fair bit more than if you go through an IFA or broker.