Friday, February 15, 2008

Norwich Union...windfall....generous?

Norwich Union have not been slow in trumpeting a £3 billion distribution of money to With Profits policy holders.

Is it a good deal for the consumer?

They actually have over £5 billion left over from fund re-organisation. This is actually customers' money. They are being coy why they can't distribute the other £2 billion ot customers

90% of the money distributed is going to policy holders with 10% going to Norwich Union shareholders. They originally wanted to give a lower figure to clients but then the government's Policyholder Advocate put pressure on them.

In context, a lot of these policies are held in underperforming endowment policies for which Norwich Union have had to pay compensation for misselling.

A final note, they aren't paying out the customers' money to customers straight away. They are doing it over a 3 year period!

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