Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spot the Dogs: Poor Investment Funds

Every year Bestinvest name & shame the worst performing (dog) investment funds ; those underperforming the benchmark in each of the last three years and down on the benchmark by 10% over the same period.

Scottish Widows were quoted as ‘gone to the dogs’, with over half the group’s funds underperforming.

The worst culprits in different categories were

  • UK – £13m Marlborough UK Equity Growth, down 37%
  • European – £355m Melchior European Opportunities, down 37%
  • International – £60m UBS Global Optimal, down 14%
  • North America – £9m Invesco Perpetual US Aggressive, down 27%
  • Tech – £37m Jupiter Global Technology, down 11%
  • Japan – £66m M&G Japan Smaller Companies, down 28%
  • Emerging Markets – £59m Lloyd George Emerging Markets, down 19%
  • Asia Pacific – £232m Invesco Perpetual Hong Kong & China, down 25%

Invesco Perpetual have star manager Neil Woodford but as you can see are home to 2 dogs.

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