Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Share picking, potentially dangerous for your wealth.

One area the Sunday newspapers love is share picking, it is also beloved of sites like the Motley Fool.

The problems include:

  • Newspaper journalists are not investment professionals. There is no comeback on their “advice”
  • They don’t consider attitude to risk or things like the need for emergency funds.
  • Do you have the investment knowledge? Is the share a cheap because they company is a basket case or merely unfashionable? Can you predict Northern Rock style crises?

The solution

Invest in a good mutual fund, you eliminate a lot of the risk. A professional manager looks after your money and can taken action on your behalf in the event of a Northern Rock style crisis or take advantage of low market prices

Which ones? Speak to your financial adviser, discuss your needs, risk and how much you can realistically invest.

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