Sunday, February 26, 2006

Has Martin Lewis Jumped the Shark?


I had a full & frank discussion with Martin .
No prisoners taken.

I asked him about his relationship with certain financial organisations. He took the bait & went ballistic but we kissed & made up. A fan of his posted at 2am in the morning that I was despicable. All for being an Independent Financial Adviser who does not have any links with any financial providers!!

Strangely enough he didn't mention his book. Schoolboy error.

Thing I don't understand is how 2 very nice ladies I met recently in their late 20s said they really liked him!!

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1 comment:

DDWT said...

Having read both of Martin's books and being a regular visitor to his site, I have to agree with your sentiments in your original blog posting Sean. Personally, my trust in certain aspects of the MSE is beginning to wane.