Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well done Scotland. Sportsmanship

Well done to Scotland for beating England at Rugby 18-12.
I am Scottish & my mother has red hair!

England played well & were magnaminous in defeat.
The sportsmanship & comradery in Rugby put football to shame.

Note: Football is my first love.


Sub-Comandante Vroome Fondol said...

Lucky to live in Swindon....surely a mistake?

Sean Wilson said...


Clearly you are jealous.
We have lots of nice local people here eg Billie Piper, Melinda Messenger.

I notice your profile isn't publicly available, otherwise 200 000 would be tracking you down.


Sub-Comandante Vroome Fondol said...

Swindon Town Lost 7 - 1 at the weekend...gosh.

Sub-Comandante Vroome Fondol said...

When was the last time Billie Piper set foot in Swindon? Melinda Messenger, I think she lives near Saisbury and anyway she isnt really that famous outside of Swine town.

Sean Wilson said...

Strange & petty things to write on an august Financial & Consumer Blog. This is not an extension for 606 listeners with no friends to bore down the pub.

His views on which Share ISA he would recommend readers have not been noted.